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Июль 2021 г.

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24Июль9:00 pmNabuccoЛирическая драма в 4-х действиях Джузеппе Верди9:00 pm Event Type :Opera


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Tickets for the opera Nabucco, from July 3 to September 1, at the Arena di Verona

Nabucco is indisputably one of the most mythical and important operas to be performed every year at the Arena di Verona. The show begins its performances on Saturday, July 3, 2021 with the extraordinary production by Arnaud Bernard, which will bring to the stage a perfect recreation of the East, thanks to its stage design and backgrounds, combined with the costumes by Arnaud Bernard. There’s no doubt that Nabucco is one of the most important operas to be performed almost every year in Verona. Don’t miss it by buying on our website.

Detailed information on Nabucco:

  • Место проведения: Arena di Verona
  • Продолжительность: около 3:30
  • Genre: Dramma lirico
  • Libretto by: Themistocles Solera
  • Композитор (музыка): Джузеппе Верди
  • Язык: Итальянский
  • Directed by and costume design by: Arnaud Bernard
  • Staged by: Alessandro Cámara
  • Cast:
    • Nabucodonosor — King of Assyria — baritone
    • Zaccaria — High priest of the Jews — bass
    • Abigaille — Stepdaughter of Nabucodonosor — soprano
    • Fenena — Daughter of Nabucodonosor — mezzosoprano
    • Ismael — Hebrew general — tenor
    • Abdallo — Minister of Nabucodonosor — tenor
    • High Priest of the god Bel — bass
    • Ana — Sister of Zaccaria — soprano

Nabucco is an opera in four acts with music by the wonderful composer Giuseppe Verdi and book by Themistocles Solera, based on the story of Nebuchadnezzar and the Old Testament. It was the first of Verdi’s greatest works. He started composing it with the support of a patron until it was finally performed for the first time at the illustrious Teatro alla Scala of Milan on 1842.

Nabucco is set in Babylon and Jerusalem on the year 566 B.C. Nabucco names himself King and God of the Jews, and God punishes him by hitting him with a lighting for his impudence, causing his crown to fall off his head. It is at that moment that her bastard daughter Abigail takes revenge on his Father the king by proclaiming herself to be the absolute sovereign and condemning all Jews to death. While listening to the chorus sing “Va Pensiero”, the Jews yearn for their lost land, which they get back when Abigail repents for her evil deeds and Nabucco is crowned as King of the Jews.

Купите билеты на нашем сайте to enjoy this wonderful opera in a night at the Арена Вероны that you will never forget.


Temistocle Solera


Музыка от
Giuseppe Verdi


Примерно 3,30 часа - интервалы включены

Nabucco – Arena di Verona


(Суббота) 21:00

Место расположения

Арена Вероны

Piazza Brà 1, Verona, Italy

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